For each session, you will find the pricing below.


You can choose where you would like to take your personal training session, be it the gym, at your home, or workout with me right here where I teach LIVE streaming classes!

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  • 1 hr
    65 US dollars
  • 1 Hour At Your Home/Gym or Online $45
    1 hr
    45 US dollars
  • Online Training Session
    1 hr
    55 US dollars
  • Personal Training Session At Your Home
    1 hr
    85 US dollars
  • In Person/Online; private or group; prices are the same.
    1 hr
    50 US dollars
  • Nutrition Counseling $40
    1 hr
    40 US dollars
  • Group Training Session 2-6 people at your Home/Gym $45/per person
    1 hr
    $45 per person
  • Group Training Session Online 2-6 people $45/per person
    1 hr
    $45 per person
  • Complimentary 30 minute consultation
    30 min

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