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Source: First for women magazine; extracts of article, GI Rescue!

What's the latest craze? According to research celery juice is the world's hottest detox drink!

Celery juice is the thing to cure the stomach ..." Nothing else ever could,"

William declares, "80% of women don't produce enough stomach acid."

"Over time, acid production weakens," says William. "Add the stress of everyday, and our ability to make stomach acid burns out. Why is that a problem? "

"Almost one-third of the vitamins and minerals that are essential to life cannot be broken down or absorbed without ample stomach acid," Jonathan Wright, M.D. That being said reduction of essential nutrients speed age-related muscle loss, and cause metabolic slow-downs that lead to weight gain.

90% of the heartburn that everyone complains about is caused by low stomach acid, according to Mayo Clinic researchers this is caused by, the cap between the esopogagus and the stomach is controlled by acid levels fo the stomach; when levels are low, the cap loosens and acid flows into the esophagus. Lastly, low stomach acid allows illness-causing bacteria to flourish. When stomach acid is deficient," Many of these microorganisms multiply," explains Wright. The result of this is low energy, sugar cravings, and weight gain.

Why is celery so special? William credits sodium cluster salts; yet undiscovered trace minerals in celery dial up stomach acid. "There's sodium in other foods, but sodium cluster salts are found only in celery," he says. ..

These cluster salts also fight off unwanted bacteria, Research backs up the GI-healing power of celery:

An Italian study found that flavonoids in celery improve digestion and promote nutrient absorption, and a Japanese study found that flavonoids in the juice kill harmful stomach bacteria.

"Correcting the natural decline in stomach acid helps restore energy, improve health and speed weight loss" —Jonathan Wright,

"And the benefits don't just stop in the gut," says William, who cites clearer skin, sustained energy, better mental clarity and stable moods." Celery juice is also helping people heal from acute and chronic illness, inducting Hashimotis, eczema, constipation, migraines and countless others.

Ready to get to feeling great? Let's get started!

Celery juice is the key to restoring stomach acid to optimal levels, which in turn helps women shed stubborn weight.

Read below, for other delicious foods that also help bolster stomach acid!


This aromatic mainstay is rich in sulfur compounds that inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that damage stomach acid-producing cells by 33%.

To get the benefits, add tsp. of fresh minced gar, into sauteed vegetables, homemade salad dressings and/or dips each day.


The digestive enzymes in this sweet tropical fruit help breakdown any undigested food that maybe stall-Mg stomach acid production. Stir 1 cup of papaya into plain yogurt, blend it into a smoothie or dice it wIth pineapple and onions for a fruity salsa thats great on chicken or served with tortilla chips.


Compounds. this peppery green trigger the release of gastric acid and enzymes to optimize digestion—enough to boost the metabolism by 53% in one study.

For best results, enjoy cups of arugula mixed with romaine and other veggies for a zingy salad or sauteed with olive oil and lemon juice as a side dish.

The healing plan. Easy celery juice how-to :

In a juicer:

To make one healing glass of celery juice,. you need one whole stalk of celery.

When you're ready lo make juice, break apart the stalks and rinse in a juicer.

For best results, use a masticating juicer which breaks down the produce more efficiently and yields more juice...

With this kind of juicer you can prepare the juice overnight,

In a blender:

Chop the celery into 1" pieces, place into a speed blender and blend until smooth.

Do not add water, and strain the juice into a cheesecloth to remove the pulp which creates a barrier between the juice and stomach lining.

For original article and more information, see First for women magazine, article on GI Rescue by Medical Medium Anthony William.

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