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HEAL YOUR GUT to lose your belly . . .

Source: First for women magazine; extracts of article, Dr. Oz's heal your gut to lose your belly

Dr. Oz reveals a delicious veggie smoothie making its way across the internet in a popular fashion! Many women have been reporting that it heals the body to make weight loss effortless.

"Everyone thinks, to lose weight, you've got to eat a salad, and there's a reason for that. Salads do work, but they're hard to do,"

Mehmet Oz, M.D., told his audience on The Dr. Oz Show.

That's why Dr. Oz developed his five-ingredient Veggie Flush Smoothie: to help women busy women. A special plus to this recipe, doubling the ingredients allows you to store the rest in the fridge for a mid day snack, dinner, or to be enjoyed the next day.

The potent blend of raw spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon and pear in the drink floods the body with a variety of digestion-healing and hunger-dampening compounds.

"You may not believe this," Dr. Oz told his audience, "but that one glass that you're holding in your hand is enough veggies for the entire day."

Dr. Oz's smoothie is loaded with belly-flattening digestive enzymes. These ingredients work with digestive fluid to break down the foods we eat.

Experts have reported that 80% of women don't make enough digestive enzymes, so food arrives in the intestines only partially digested. "The result, a huge meal to the bad bacteria in the gut," says Dr. Oz.

"Those bacteria release gas, and voila—your intestines become distended, you feel overly full and crampy, and your pants don't fit."

Drinking the smoothie restores enzymes while eliminating uncomfortable bloat, and heals the body's slimming systems.

"The liver and pancreas are capable of making enzymes, so they often act as a backup for the gut. But when we tax those organs consistently, they become sluggish and unable to perform other functions,"

- explains Michelle Schoffro Cook, Ph.D.

"The break the pancreas and liver catch from processing smoothies—instead of whole foods—allows them to focus on other metabolic tasks, Including fat burning, detoxification and blood-sugar regulation."

Spanish studies show that dieters who increase their enzyme intake lose 2.5 times more fat than those who don't.

The Veggie Flush Smoothie also eliminates hunger and cravings. That's because spinach is a rich source of thylakoids, a hunger-dampening plant compound.

"Thylakoids prompt the body to produce more of the hormones that help reduce food intake,"

- explains Frank Greenway, M.D., chief medical officer, getting a regular dose of thylakoids dial down hunger, which are released only when the leafy greens take a trip through a blender.

"I don't want you to replace meals. I want this to be added to meals," Dr. Oz has said. Improved digestion and struggle-free slimming are just the beginning. In one survey of more than 500 people who switched to a diet loaded with enzyme-rich foods and smoothies, 91% felt a greater sense of well-being, and 82% said they experienced improvements in memory and creativity.

"I immediately had more energy,"

- raves 61-year-old D. Marcia Jones,

Ready to start the transformation? Keep reading for this simple smoothie recipe and expert tips to jump-start your slimdown. "You'll really feel your stomach begin to shrink down" —Mehmet Oz, M.D.


Easy Veggie Flush Smoothie how-to

Recipe contains just five ingredients, but they must be blended in a specific order to optimally release all ofthe slimming nutrients.

To make one serving (about 2 cups) of Dr. Oz's Veggie Flush,

  • Blend 1 cup of I spinach with 1 cup of water until fully incorporated—this releases the appetite-suppressing compounds in spinach.

  • Then add half a diced, unpeeled cucumber and 1 diced celery stalk; blend. Once smooth, add half a diced, unpeeled pear and 2 Tbs. of lemon juice; blend again.

  • Thin with additional water, if desired.

Change can be hard—especially under the weight of unwanted pounds. So take this transformation day by day and enjoy it!

For original article and more information, see First for women magazine, article for Dr. Oz's heal your gut to lose your belly.


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